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VILLA AMANDA at Hampton Lakes

Terms & Conditions
When booking this Villa you are entering into an agreement with the registered property owners (Dave & Marian Bevan) therefore you are
accepting these Terms & Conditions on behalf of all members of your party. Only the party named on the booking form are entitled to use
the property. Friends and/or family visiting the property during the rental period are your responsibility as the lead guest staying at the Villa
Amanda. (Any areas of concern or uncertainty surrounding these Terms & Conditions should be discussed with the owners at time of booking).
Our Reservation Policy:

Owners of Villa Amanda at Hampton Lakes are unable to accept reservations from guests or families where the number of occupants exceeds
8 persons. (No exceptions)
Holding Deposits:
Available dates are secured by a minimum 15% holding deposit paid by clients to the owners.

  • The owners will confirm receipt of payment and the dates that are being held in the party name.
  • By placing your deposit, the dates become unavailable to any other interested party.
  • Our reservation policy is strictly on a “first come, first served” basis. No deposit, no reservation.
  • The holding deposit is non-refundable

Balance Payments:
The balance of each account falls due for payment on or before 8 weeks prior to the actual arrival date at the property.

  • In the event that payment is not made by the due date, the owners may cancel the reservation.
  • Where the timeframe between making the reservation and the arrival date is less than 8 weeks, the full rental cost must be paid at the time of the reservation.

Cancellation Policy:  

Cancellation by the Owner:
In the event where, due to circumstances beyond their control, the Owners have to cancel the reservation, a complete refund of all monies
paid to the owners by the guests shall be made.

  • The Owners, Agents or Management Company will not be held liable for any further loss or expenditure incurred by the guests arising from any such cancellation.

Cancellation by the Guests:
The following shall apply to any cancellation of a reservation by the guests:

  • The lead guest must make all cancellations in writing to the owners.
  • For cancellation of a reservation by the guest, where the timeframe is 8 weeks or more from the intended arrival date, the 15% reservation deposit will be forfeited. The owner will refund any payments exceeding the 15% deposit to the client.
  • For cancellation of a reservation by a guest, where the timeframe is less than 8 weeks from the intended arrival date, assuming all payments have been made, a refund equal to 50% of the total cost of the holiday will be refunded by the owners.
  • For cancellation of a reservation by a guest where the timeframe is less than 4 weeks to intended arrival date, there will be no refund, by the owners.
  • You should ensure that your travel insurance covers any such loss.

Alterations to confirmed bookings:   
Any request to alter a confirmed reservation must be set out in writing by the guests to the owners.

  • Whilst the owner will make every effort to accommodate a request to alter a confirmed booking, the owners make no guarantee that any alteration will be possible.
  • Changes will be subject to availability with adjustment to any seasonal variations in prices.
  • If an alteration is not possible and the client decides to cancel, then the cancellation charges will apply.

Occupancy Procedure and Policy:

Arrival / Departure Procedure:
To ensure the property is suitably serviced and cleaned between departing and arriving guests. The following arrangements apply.

  • Arrivals:
    On day of arrival, access to the villa is not possible before 16:00hrs (unless previously agreed with the owners)
  • Departures:
    On day of departure, the property must be vacated by 10:00hrs (unless otherwise agreed with the owners)

Any party failing to observe the above procedures without prior agreement with the owners and or their management company may be subjected to an additional daily charge.
Your Responsibility:  
You and your party must treat the property, its furnishings, fittings, utensils and other facilities and equipment with due respect.

  • If upon arrival, some equipment or items are found not working or broken, then the detail should be reported immediately to the Management Company. (Failure to do so could result in charges against you).
  • For the safety of property, both yours and ours, you are responsible for ensuring that the security system is armed and set each time you leave the villa.

Damage & Breakages:     
The property and equipment is always checked and maintained in good working order before the arrival of each party.

  • The owners conduct business with their guests based on trust and understanding. As responsible guests reserving this property without a paying a security deposit, you agree to replace items broken or damaged by accident during your stay with the same or similar before departing.
  • Security Deposits:
  • While security deposits are not taken with every reservation, the owners reserve the right to make such a request whenever they feel justified.
    (e.g., in instances where young children equal or exceed the number of adults.)
  • When a security deposit has been requested, it will be returned in full to the guest after departure, when it has been confirmed by the cleaners that the home has been left in good condition. Deductions will be made against a security deposit to reflect costs for repairs and/or replacements incurred from the stay

Trash Removal:  
Trash collection is conducted weekly on Thursdays.

  • Details of trash collection are displayed at the property.
  • It is the responsibility of each group of guests to ensure that trash bins are placed at the “edge of the road” prior to collection. (due to the fact that the bins are often emptied early we suggest they should be placed out at the roadside the night previous)
  • Bins standing at the roadside for long periods before collection breaches regulations on Hampton Lakes.
  • Bins simply placed in front of the garage and not at the roadside will not be emptied.
  • Excess trash generates a penalty charge on the owners; consequently you are politely requested to try and reduce the amount of trash generated during your stay.

Smoking Policy:  
This property has a strict policy of NO SMOKING inside the villa.

  • However, guests are permitted to smoke outside or in the pool area.
  • Ash trays are provided for smoking outside only.

Sorry but pets are not permitted in this property.

  • Anyone found in breach of this rule will be asked to leave by the Management Company with no refunds made for the unused portion of your reservation.

Pest Control:
As visiting guests you are hereby made aware that Florida has a semi-tropical climate, consequently it is home to many insects.

  • The property is treated on a regular basis to limited unwanted visitors.
  • It is inevitable that some will find their way into the property.
  • If you do see insects, spraying with appropriate products from the local supermarket will help to control them.
  • The problem can be further reduced if spills, crumbs and food are cleared from all worktops, tables or floors and the pool-side area.

There are no parking restrictions in effect around the property; however, we recommend that cars should be parked inside the garage or on
the drive in front of the garage. All vehicles should be locked when not in use.
The property will be cleaned and serviced prior to your arrival and after your departure.

  • Should you require a mid-stay clean it can be arranged and paid for locally through the Management Company.
  • Despite the fact that the property will be cleaned after your departure, you must still be leave in an orderly state and all used kitchen utensils should be washed.
  • To assist the cleaners, it is appreciated if used bed-sheets can be placed in the washing machine prior to departure
  • If the property requires extensive cleaning as a result of irresponsible actions by your party, then the Owners or their Agents reserve the right to make a charge on you for costs incurred returning the property back to acceptable levels.

Swimming Pool:
The property has a private swimming pool and pool area for which the owners and the owner’s agents accept no liability for injury howsoever

  • A safety screen is fitted between the property and the pool for the protection of small children and non-swimmers.
  • Maintaining appropriate levels of safety around the pool using the facilities provided is the responsibility of the guests.
  • During your stay you are requested to help maintain the water level in the pool. As a guide, the water level should be kept at a mid-point on the decorative tiles. (excessive water loss created by children or swimmers splashing etc may result in damage to the pool-water circulating pump and heater)

Glassware in any form is not permitted in the pool area. Plastic-ware has been provided for pool area use.

  • By taking glassware of any sort out onto the pool deck, your party will be held fully responsible if breakages occur.
  • You could be responsible for any costs incurred if the pool requires a detailed cleaning program to ensure all splinters of glass are removed.
  • You should also be aware that any costs involved in a detailed cleaning program associated with pollution by minors will be your responsibility. In such instances, the owners will make no refund for pool heat or lost use.

Personal Safety:   
A number of plans outlining various Emergency exits are located in the property.

  • It is the responsibility of each guest to familiarise themselves with these plans in case of emergency.

Liability Insurance:
The property is covered by liability insurance.

  • The property has been fitted with a security system and a security safe with a view to protecting personal possessions, both yours and the owners.
  • During your stay you are fully responsible for your personal possessions therefore it is recommended that valuables and money are placed in the safe and that the security system is set whenever you leave the property.
  • The owners accept no responsibility for loss of client’s luggage or personal items from the property or the pool area.
  • Clients are also responsible for ensuring they have adequate “all risks and travel insurance” in place for the duration of their stay.

Problems and complaints relating to the property must be reported to the Management Company who will endeavour to resolve the issues
promptly and effectively.

  • Unless there is valid reason, the owners, their agents or representatives will not consider any complaint which was not first registered and considered by the home Management Company.

Main Utility Services:   
The owners cannot accept liability for the interruption or loss of any of the main utility services such as water or electricity.

  • However, if notified, the Management Company will take steps to get the service re-established as soon as possible.

Dave & Marian Bevan
20 Aug 2012

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